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Full Version: Another Shuttertalk has a DPOTD @ Steve's Digicams
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Keith gave me the idea and now my picture "Mister Rochester" has been selected as picture of the day for January 7th.

If you really want to see an image that makes you go "WOW" ...see January 6th.

Congrats soholinda! Big Grin

Very nice sunset indeed! Big Grin
Great photo and congrats Smile
shuttertalk Wrote:Congrats soholinda! Big Grin

Very nice sunset indeed! Big Grin
My picture is not the sunset. You got to scroll down and click January 7th or wait until Sunday to see it. But, thanks anyway for the congrats.
Ooops, sorry, I'm very unfamiliar with the site. Anyway, is this the image?

[Image: 01072007.jpg]
I'm waiting for January 6th Big Grin
Congrats Wink
That is great soholinda!
I'm glad you sumitted that picture it's just beautiful(the dog) I made the same mistake in thinking the sunset was your.
Congratulations -- I did wonder when Rochester turned into a sunset. I've always liked that photo.