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Full Version: How Do You Format Memory Cards for My Printer's Card Reader?
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I am printing off line using my Canon Selphy printer. I have to use the camera as a card reader and I find that inconvenient. The printer has a built in card reader but the card reader won't "see" the images on the card unless the card is taken directly from the camera. Is it possible to format my memory card so that the printer thinks it's coming directly from the camera. What information is missing in the image files I process with my editing software? Does anybody know?
Depending on how you save them, it could be removing the exif data.
Hey Don,

Not sure if I understand correctly - if you take the card out of your camera and put it into the printer, does that work? If that does, and you're trying to use another card with the printer, then I would suggest just duplicating the directory structure onto the new card and putting your images into the folder structure.

Either that, or put the new card into the camera, take a few pictures to let the camera create the directory structure, and then copy the files onto the card...
I think the processing erases the exif data. How do I add it?

It's not just the card format. I tried duplicating that. It doesn't work. It only works when you take the photos then put the card directly from the camera into the reader. It doen't work with any processed images.
Then I'd say Craig is right...

I found some freeware to edit exif data, but then you'd need to know what exif attributes to edit... Smile


Let us know how you go!
I downloaded the software. It is not a friendly program. I can't even figure out how to get it to the files on the memory card I use for printing. I'll work on it.

Why would a printer want EXIF data? These photos are not the same ones that came out of the camera. They are modified. They don't have EXIF data any more. If I can add those numbers, I can probably just make up a standard set.

This may be more trouble than it's worth. That just occurred to me.

Thanks guys. Onward and upward!
Don, one thing I have heard is that renaming the file in any way makes it un-readable to both the camera and the printer.
You have to leave the original images on the card and overwrite the files needing printing (keeping the same exact name) when you edit.
(Of course, you must be sure to have already saved the originals somewhere else first, so as not to destroy them by overwriting on the card.)
You cannot use 'save for web' or even 'save as' in your editing program, just 'save' which leaves every exif info etc intact, but overwrites the original file.
Make double-sure that the format is the same, too.

Or it could just be a minor setting on your printer that needs to be changed, not that the manufacturer thinks it's important enough to explain properly.
These technological marvels can be so infuriating sometimes.
Thanks Keith:

The tech support guy from Canon told me that (although they were not so happy discussing this problem, it seemed to me). I tried just returning the edited image to the original memory card and printing with that. The images were then printable from the card but could not be seen on the printer's LCD monitor. I could see only a "?".

The problem is finding an easy procedure for printing my photos. What I do now is put all my print images on a small memory card. When I'm ready to print I insert the small card in the camera and print perfectly well with Picto-bridge.

I think I'm not going to worry much about this any more.