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Full Version: Photograph Superman!
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Here's a fun little time-waster that I found a link to on TOP: http://hk.promo.yahoo.com/movie/superman...ress_Game/

Your job is to photograph superman. I've scored 79 twice so far...
1st effort 74.
79 here too. Now I am late for work!
70 points for this one. Do you want a lift to work?
[Image: photo_edit_salon_2.jpg]
77 on my only try.
2x 9s and an 8 in Sydney.
I only got 61.
I appreciate the live-view dslr, but I would have preferred if they had provided me with a faster FPS rate camera. I request 1D III please Big Grin
I had no exposure or focus issues though Big Grin
I did hit 80 on one try, but bombed out on another. I also realized that my "+" and "-" buttons weren't actually changing the zoom, so that made it simpler.

That must be the Oly E-510...
I got 96... had enough for tonight..
Great game - thanks for the link..
I had to try ... Rolleyes

and I liked it!! Big Grin

88 score here!! Wink
Every time I read a new message in this thread, or go looking for new content on the site where I found it, I wind up getting sucked back into the game...

I've gotten a 93 and a 98 so far, but suspect that I'm spending way too much time on it.
Okay, I'm going to stop now...

[Image: 4umdts1.jpg]
I like this game... Smile

[Image: sp126.jpg]
[Image: superman.jpg]

I havent slept in days...
Whew! At least I don't feel the need to try to beat that...
Excellent score Shane...