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Full Version: Rufus blathers on about nothing..............
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Guys!!! Big Grin

Dont know what to write, but feel compelled to say something. So. Here we go:

Tanglewood TWOSJ jumbo. Still have. Getting rather used.
Aquired Crafter American series electro-acoustic on fleabay. Huge bargain! Most gratifying.
Dean 4 string acoustic bass aquired.
Very nearly new Yamaha 112J super cheapo start copy aquired from fleabay, as new, £60!
Hofner "stick" "39 NEW!
Playing guitar now in worship band. Occasionally still pressed to play drums though.

NN aquires paisely Fender Telr (Jap), Paisely strat, (Jap), 12 string Aria 335, Tanglewood tw45, (I think), and Tanglewood Jazz.

Now we are down to 2p a week each.Rolleyes

STRAT. Not "start"
I would like to see a picture of the Dean acoustic bass.
Always liked Dean's necks, and I'm in the market for a bass I can play with an acoustic combo.
I dont have one, but I may get chance to take one.Smile
Gear galore!
take take take pics Big GrinBig Grin
Hey Adam, man! Smile

Dont be fooled though. ALL my gear is CHEAPO. Aquired either on fleabay, or through negotiating "deals."
I will take some photos, but worship song practise seems to be ruling my life!
Thing is, I go to church, guitar in hand, (as I will again in 1 hour from now), and find the set list changed, and half the songs transposed to B flat. Am I happy with that? NO.
They dont even rewrite the music.
Thats HARD when you 're a guitar-out-at-the-front-of-the-church newbie.
I'm much better at drum transposition! Big Grin
Lol... yeah drum solo in the key of Eb Big Grin

Good to see that you're diversifying into different areas... can be daunting at first, I bet.
Hey ST. Our old drummer used to tune his drums to the guitars.
Very professional guy.