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Full Version: Found in an Old Camera Bag
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I found an old telescopic auxillary lens (Vivitar 1.8 x) that happens to fit my Kodak lens adapter. I owned from the 1960s when I was using a Kowa camera (an SLR with a fixed lens). Effectively, this telecon gives me 685 mm equivalence on my Kodak. Attached are some trial photos. The focus is soft around the edges and the camera is hard to hand hold at those magnifications but the results came out not too bad.

down Regent Avenue toward downtown (about 10 miles).
[Image: downregent680mmSM.jpg]

Woman at a bus stop (about 2 blocks away)
[Image: busstop.jpg]

Fire and Ice (this one was retouched)
[Image: fireiceSM.jpg]
Yes - it is very soft - but it works a charm on a photo like #2.
Free stuff is great, and that's about 120mm longer than my longest lens -- with a 1.4 teleconverter attached. I agree with Toad, the effect's quite strong but #2 makes excellent use of it. I'm guessing that it's a crop of the top right corner? I like it very much.
Thanks Toad and Matt. There was alittle cropping on the left side to get rid of sidewalk signs and crap.
Wow - a lensbaby with 685mm! Congratulations! Big Grin

I like very much the first photo... Sharpness isn't everything in a picture, sometimes the soft ones are the winners.
I like the first one. It has a sense of motion of the cars and distance of the street.
Well i know what I mean.Smile
Thanks guys. The camera is so flexible I hate to add an attachment. But now I have a wicon and a telecon making a total range between 28 mm and 684 mm equiv. in one little camera.
WOW....what a neat find. I know people who spend hours and hours in photochop trying to get that same effect and it doesn't look half as good.Big Grin
Now I have a 2x telecon which has a lot less distortion.
very interesting effect, I like it.
I would try to harness and use it!

Thanks Uli.