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Full Version: Ordered near fisheye
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I'm going crazy. Today I called Adorama Camera in New York and ordered a wide angle conversion lens that will give me 14 mm equiv (near fisheye). I hope the postage isn't too much. I got a bargain on the lens. Should get it in about 2 weeks. Why am I doing this?
I'll be interested to see your slice-of-life images with the fisheye lens. It will certainly add a different perspective (pun intended.) Wink
I used to use a wide angle (I have 28 mm equiv) until I discovered long lenses. But I want a real wide angle.
You're on quite the spending spree. Big Grin

A 14mm equivalent is about as wide as you can get -- there are only a handful of lenses for SLRs that reach it, and fewer still for "cropped" sensors. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with both the optical and the perspective distortions.
Matt--You would say that. Well the lens is only $80 with shipping should be under $110 (I hope).
Question for you, sir. Exactly what did you order? Is it the lens that screws onto the front of a lens into the filter ring?

(Pro Optic 0.42x Semi-Fish-eye Auxillary Lens for 52mm Filter Threaded Lenses)

If so, I'm very interested in your honest opinion. Thanks
Good for you Don, I think ultrawides can produce realy interesting photos. I am still waiting for my Tokina 11-16 mm, which on my camera is about 16mm equivalent. Not as wide as yours. For Most DSLR (except perhaps the D3 and its cousins from Canon), Sigma 10-20 is the widest I think, giving effective 15mm on my camera. I am looking forward to seing your photos. Pavel