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Full Version: My Next Gallery Show
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A new guy recently joined my local Flickr-based photography club.
Turns out he lives in a loft at the new building of the Blue Star Art complex where my last show was held.
He has offered his space to the group in return for our help with lighting and mounting etc.
It helps that he's a Strobist and knows what a "HomeDepot green clamp" is, and that I'm a group admin that gets to test-drive and troubleshoot his space.

Looks like I will get to show and sell prints every "First Friday" for a few months when the crowds are huge.
This is almost as big news as me moving to a new band and my GF's promotion which all happened on the same day.
Congrats and Good Luck Keith. Sounds like it was a good day all round.
Congratulations on all of it. Sometimes things happen like that.
What a great opportunity!
Great news Keith...


All the best in this Gallery Show.
Great news. Knock 'em dead!
Wow, that sounds awesome! Big Grin
I'm impressed as hell!
Great news, good luck!

Thanks for the kind words.
Sometimes you get lucky.

I met our new gallery host, and he's a really nice guy.
The space looks great, although it IS his home.

But the location is the main thing, and it's right in the middle of our city's main art gallery complex, so a few bottles of wine and some lights and extension cords will turn his loft into a Photo Gallery in a few hours.
The theme this time is supposed to be "6x6" or "Six By Six", meaning a half-dozen prints from a like number of photographers, plus a painter who's filling space. Not sure what happened to that idea since I'm only in charge of technical details like mounting and lights.

Here's the advert copy:
[Image: kak.galleryflier.jpg]

Everything of mine for the show is framed already, but I'm losing sleep waiting for the day to arrive when I can install them.
So many details...
The show went very well.
More traffic than I thought possible in the part of Blue Star where people actually live versus the established galleries.

[Image: kak.firstfriday02.jpg]
Some performers from Cirque du Soliel showed up to work the crowd and get free publicity for their show in San Antonio.

[Image: kak.firstfriday03.jpg]
Good luck getting your car out of the lot with a bus blocking you, and the driver only speaks French-Canadien.

[Image: kak.firstfriday04.jpg]
On top you can see the halogen track-lights our host added to boards suspended from the beams high overhead. Clever--bright--effective.
A potential customer is looking through my box of prints at right, while club members party nearby.

The show was a great success, and now I have two months to print and frame my 'Highway' series for the next one without worrying about the space or lighting.
Great to know that everything went well on your show.
I can see in the last picture great ambience... Smile

In Eutin they have these kind of lights but I think they are placed too close to the wall and the pictures shine very much, and make some spots of light in the wall too.
Yes, distance and the angle of the lights in relation to photos is very important with any gallery lighting.

By mounting on hanging boards we were able to adjust them for best results.
When people say "and then the circus arrived" I'm usually not expecting them to mean it literally. I hope it was a good night; I'd actually be ticked if Cirque showed up to take advantage of the crowd that was originally paying attention to the exhibit. Still, it looks like it was a lot of fun, and congratulations again.