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Full Version: Hardcopy Portfolio?
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I’m trying to design a suitable layout to print multiple proof sheets / sample images that I can show to potential clients / gallery owners etc. I will be handy to have something that looks the business that I can put in front of them rather that giving them a CD or referring them to a online portfolio. At this stage the idea is to print them professionally and binding them somehow... (possibly laminating images and placing in professional looking binder).

[Image: Proof-Sheet.jpg]

I’ve designed it so the colour of the background is easily changed to suit the set on each page – ie blue for seascapes / green for landscapes etc…

I’d like to print them at A4 size to make it easy to transport / display in a folder but I’m worried that the images may be too small to appreciate.

Any ideas on how to improve greatly appreciated…

The only other way I can think to do it is to order a printed book from snapfish.com.au or blurb.com? But that way I will not be able to add or remove pages as I go.

Has anyone got a printed portfolio that they are willing to share?
Try Lulu.com. I recently published a gallery catalog for an artist group here in Vancouver, and the results were very professional - both in printing and in binding. There are several options in size and binding available, and it is much cheaper than I could get it done locally. Producing a single copy is not a problem with them.

I laid the book out with text and photos to my own specification and exported the book as a PDF which I then uploaded to Lulu.com. I used "Perfect" binding - which is equivalent to how a top end photo magazine is bound (no staples). The cover of the book is uploaded separately. It turned out really well.

Here is their website: http://www.lulu.com/en/?gclid=CNLomJPknp...gwodjRaz-w
That's a wonderul suggestion Toad.
In art school I had a couple of springback binders <http://www.mayapplepress.com/BookPages/Binders.htm> that I put sketching paper into. They allowed me to add/remove pages at will and looked very much like a hardbound book. If you lay out your pages to allow for the space needed for the spring it makes a very nice presentation. Another art supply option is the Itoya ART Portfolio <http://www.artsupply.com/portfolio/itoyaartcare.htm> which comes is various sizes. They have permanently bound acid free protector sleeves which you can drop pages into. The cover is a semi-stiff pebbled plastic and they have a pocket on the inside of the cover that you can use for a brochure plus the pocket has slots for inserting a standard sized business card. They are inexpensive enough that you can have several with different numbers of pages for different presentations. They also make a multi ring binder type with separate refill pages <http://www.shoptheartstore.com/itoya.cfm>. The Itoya series is available at most art supply stores and even at some stationery shops. The links above mostly have 12 pages but I've seen them with as few as 6 and as many as 48. Check around, run a web searck on "Itoya Art Portfolio" to find more sources.

ADK Jim Cool
We printed a book last year to give as a Christmas gift to G's Mami. We bought a copy to keep ourselves. It is 21 x 27cm. The pages I like the most are the ones that have two landscape format pictures in one page or two portraits and one landscape format. There is one page with four portrait format pictures and they look a bit small.