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Full Version: More 5Dmk2 nonsense...
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...or not?
For those who may be interested in this sort of stuff, menstech.com seems to report that the Canon 5D Mk2 will arrive on June 2nd at a dollar price of 3500; 15.3MP full-frame, ISO up to 12800, 3 inch LCD, 6 or 3 FPS and a host of other stuff.

dpreview has a post in the canon forum already since last week telling that it will be announced on April 22...

They give this specifications...

Quote:The specs of the new camera are as follows (final name unavailable):

- 15.3 MP full frame CMOS sensor (vastly improved light-gathering capacity per pixel: improved micro lenses; miniaturized micro circuitry; enhanced signal/noise ratio)

- Weather sealing same as 1Ds Mark III

- Dual Digic III with all-new "CXR" NR system reported to best 3rd party NR software. Available as a C.F with 4 levels of customizable parameters.

14 bit A/D conversion

- ISO 12800 (C.F. up to 25600)

- Reported 1 2/3 stop sensitivity improvement

- All-new 29-point TTL CMOS sensor
with 12 cross-type for F/2.8 or faster lens
(35% faster than 40D)

- Micro lens fine adjustment for up to 14 lenses

- 300,000 exposure shutter durability

- 6.0 / 3.0 fps

- 3.0" LCD
922,000 pixels

- EOS Integrated Cleaning System

- Live View (improved from 450D; latest generation)

- 6/3 fps continuous shooting for up to 68 frames

- MSRP $3499, available June 2
... but let's see... there has been so much rumours about this... anyway if that were the case I would wait some six months to be tested and reviewed... then I will see... Wink
hmmm, right now I would particularly love the weather sealing and sensor cleaning.... Sad

as for the rest, sounds fancy, but I don't feel like I need most of it. of course if you use ISO 12800 \ 25600, I expect to need good noise reduction.

I knew I should've kept my mouth shut...Rolleyes
Quote:I knew I should've kept my mouth shut...
At the contrary Zig, it is very interesting that you broght the topic up. Because when you said you would get a 5D, I became curious to know whether you will buy the actual 5D or you will wait for the new model...

Quote:hmmm, right now I would particularly love the weather sealing and sensor cleaning....
I am with you here Uli, but I also like very much the idea of the live view. I have heard that this improves a lot your focusing.... I also hope they bring some options that are in the menu out with some extra buttons.
Let's see... I can't wait to see it... Wink
Hey, I was interested and glad you posted that. I hadn't seen it although I have been expecting an upgrade to the 5D. I can't afford that but it means the price on the remaining units of the current model are likely to drop even further in price. Smile That might be affordable. BTW a friend of mine has the current 5D and tells me the signal to noise ratio is very good. He sent me a group shot he took by the light of some yard torches after dark and it was excellent.