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Full Version: QImage..?
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While reading reviews I came across this. Does anyone use it?
I tried it a long time ago, expecting magic. It wasn't. Basically it up-rezzes your image by resampling and adding some sharpening along the way. If you are going to print very large size prints, it might be worth a look.

I have printed 6mp images at 18x24" after uprezzing in 10% increments in photoshop, and the results are every bit as good. My technique is based on Fred Miranda's "Stair Interpolation" method. He compares his to Qimage and Genuine Fractals and simple Photoshop bicubic here:

Based on his close-up crops, I'd say Qimage does the best job (by a small margin), but as he points out, their algorithm (Lanczos) is available for free elsewhere. Smile
This is a great piece of work, I use it all the time. Try printing with the demo version and compare it to what you are currently using. I upgraded from the Professional to the Studio version and am very pleased with the results.