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Full Version: FS: Canon L lenses.
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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of back up lenses I want to sell. All are sharp. I just have too much gear. Located in Perth Australia - but will post overseas.

I have no boxes - but all lenses have both caps and hoods and will be shipped securely.

Canon 70-200 2.8 L (non IS) - $1000 AU or will trade for 70-200 4 IS L
[Image: 70-200-front.jpg]
[Image: 70-200-rear.jpg]

Rubbing/Scratching showing - note there is also a small crack/mark on the plastic covering the focus guide:
[Image: 70-200-scratches.jpg]

Canon 17-35 2.8 L - $1100 AU
[Image: 17-35-front.jpg]
[Image: 17-35-rear.jpg]
[Image: 17-35-side.jpg]

I also have a 50 1.4 which is not an "L" lens. It is very sharp, but the autofocus is broken due to being dropped. I have had it quoted to be repaired - about $220 AU or so. But it works fine as a manual focus lens. Caps included, but no hood. So if you want a bargain - $130 AU.
[Image: 50-front.jpg]
[Image: 50-rear.jpg]

Drop damage showing:
[Image: 50-drop-damage.jpg]

I can take Paypal if you want to pay via credit card - add 2% if this is the case.


the 50mm is super tempting! ah!
Images uploaded.
Wedding Shooter Wrote:note there is also a small crack/mark on the plastic covering the focus guide:
Hey Chris,

I am potentially interested in the 70-200, but unsure about the above statement.
a crack means broken layers of plastic to me, while a mark is but an opical flaw.

Have you used this lense much on the 5D? What makes you want to swap it, do you
actually see the need for IS in your pics?
When did you buy it?

(don't get excited yet, I am just asking, but might me interested)

thanks for detials and greetings!

Hi Uli,

It is hard to describe - a crack is too strong a term and a mark is not strong enough (more of a scratch really) - here is a close up of the area:
[Image: IMG_9555.JPG]

It does not affect the operation of the lens and water will not get in there.

I have used it on the 5D and it works great. The IS is useful in low light when you need a shutter speed of around 1/60th of a second at 200mm and have to hand hold. Unfortunately as a wedding photographer this is almost at every wedding. But, if you are using it outdoors, even in pretty low light the 2.8 should be fast enough for you if you crank up the ISO a bit.

The reason I would be willing to swap is that I am looking for a lightweight travel lens and the 2.8 is too big and heavy (I already have the 70-200 2.8 IS and need something a bit smaller to take to Europe this year). I can't afford to buy another lens with the cost of the trip to Europe so I am going to sell my back-up and I can always use the 70-200 f4 IS instead. But the 70-200 4 is too slow without the IS. The 70-200 2.8 is a whole stop faster - which makes all the difference when wanting to stop motion.

I bought it this year second hand. I got quite a good price and thought I can always let my assistant use it and have it as a back-up. Now that we are going to Europe in July I realise I want the lighter lens for the trip.

There is quite a bit of interest in the 70-200, so if you want it please let me know ASAP.


Thanks Chris,

I will give it a thougth and let you know!

You are going to Europe? Where will you be?

UK, France, Norway and Germany in July/August.
sounds like a beautiful trip!! uli
The 70-200 has gone now. Just the 17-35 and the 50 left.