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Full Version: Baby birdies
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I think they are Swallows. They were in a farm building where I spent the weekend. (I was in a tent.)
For a couple of these I was up a ladder, clinging on for dear life.

[Image: whdyxi.jpg]

[Image: wlgme.jpg]

[Image: i4k2f6.jpg]
They are ALL swallows at that age--just look at those open mouths!
Nice series.
cool shots!

Thanks. Big Grin Easy to get with the mouths shut, but their mouths open when the parent arrives, or the flash or prefocus flash went off. Unfortunately the shutter goes off just before the mouth opens.Rolleyes
I could have stayed their all week. Smile
These are so cute NT... Smile
I like all of them... and great use of the flash, the light looks very natural.

We used to have a lot of nests in the edge of the roof... one, btw, just above my entry door... G used to say, when I was complaining about the dirt, that it was luck to have a nest in that place.... I think it was two years ago that we had heavy snow in winter, and too much rain when we lost a lot of them, and you could find them in the ground... You can imagine my sadness when the one above my door fell down.... Big Grin
Now there are not many birds around, as it used to be.