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Full Version: Aperture / Lightroom and Videos?
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I've got a compact camera (wife's) in addition to the DSLR, and it takes movies. I use Lightroom to import my images from my card to the computer, and I find it a bit frustrating that lightroom or aperture for that matter, do not seem to recognise or manage videos. I'm forced to go back to the card, manually copy the videos to the appropriate folders that it created in the previous import.

Hmm... is it just me, or are they saying - if you shoot videos, you're using the wrong product, buddy? Stick to Picasa or iPhoto?

Or maybe my workflow is wrong? Any suggestions? Smile
I just asked G whether he uses Lr for his videos and he said no, because Lr doesn't deal with videos...

Sorry Jules... Sad
I also use Lightroom. It was designed for still photos, not just importation and archiving but image editing. It is the wrong application for video photographers.

Hey Jim, totally understand... I supposed they're being faithful to what they are designed to do, and not trying to be something they're not.

Maybe I'll use Lightroom for my DSLR, and another app for my wife's camera...

Irma, what's G's workflow for his videos?
shuttertalk Wrote:Irma, what's G's workflow for his videos?
I asked G to give me a hand to answer this Jules, but he arrived late yesterday. He will come and tell you what is his workflow for videos, I really don't know what programs he uses.... Smile
Hi there, long time no see! Smile

I tried a lot of things for video. What you get for free from Microsoft is the Windows Movie Maker, it would be quite a nice and easy program if it only weren't so buggy - or my computer is bugged with codecs that WMM can't cope with. I tried several other progs, the ones from Adobe are certainly very professional. There is "Adobe Premiere Pro" which lets you edit videos on a high level, and there is "Adobe After Effects" that gives you very much control on a lower level. For the soundtrack, Premiere Pro is coupled with Soundbooth, again this is high level editing (and a bit simplified) while Adobe Audition is a full fledged multitrack sound editor. Also, I tried "Wedding Album Maker Gold" as I had it already, and it's very easy to compose a video of movies and stills with a simple soundtrack and some effects and transitions. There are some other free programs around, some of which I have tried but forgotten the name.

In the end, what you need depends on what you're after. If you just want to cut and stick some video clips and music together there is a good chance you can do it with a free program. If you aim to make high quality movies, you could have a look at Adobe's suite of programs, but they are expensive.

Sorry for being a little vague. It's a bit like photography - so many different tools, and everyone has his own favorite. I haven't done enough video to make a conclusive decision yet.

Edit: I haven't got a proper workflow for video either. I download them from the card with the Canon utilities (Canon Camera Window I think it is).
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