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Full Version: External LCD screen for DSLR?
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Keith was saying how useful it is to have an adjustable LCD display on a camera. Few D-SLRs have it. I wonder whether the camera could be hooked up to an external 3" LCD display via a USB cable? Is there such a thing? I looked on the Web and did not find it, perhaps because it can nt be done or perhaps because I do not have the right keywords. Pavel

An example of what I had in mind see http://www.microscopyu.com/articles/digi...index.html. This is of course not applicable to DSLRs (I assume).

Here is a discussion on this topic: http://www.velocityreviews.com/forums/t5...l-lcd.html

The best I found on the topic: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/628096/999999

I guess I sort of answered my question in part, except I wonder what experiences you guys have with any of this. Keith - this may go on your wish list - I know it is not cheap, but it would give you a greater freedom to choose between cameras (If you wished that).
I have a 3" colour lcd viewer which I bought for a cine camera many years ago. I did not use it much because of the huge battery consumption (6 AA). It plugged into the camera via the A/V socket (a 2.5 jackplug) and has an adjustable bracket which fits onto the hotshoe. .
But you will only get a view of what you have already taken, unless the camera has a live preview to start with.
Thanks NT. Partly I do not know, if I can get live preview out from D300 and partly I am discouraged by the cost of these things. I expected prices to be in $ 50 range, given the advances in LCD technology. I should have known better, since nikon charges 95 for its shutter release for D300. I like taking photos at night and I see little in my viewfinder and it would be nice, if I could view the LCD at any angle I wished, but at $ 200 to $ 300 range which most of these units cost, I will do without, unless I really specialize in night photography. It may be a thing for Keith, because his needs are different. Pavel
I have just been looking at this review, http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond300/
And it would seem that you have a jackplug type video out socket + a lot of others including HDMI, USB,
so if you can find a cheap battery powered monitor then it would work as you are taking the shot as well as after for reviewing. It is a rather hefty price isn't it Rolleyes and I would not know where to start with all the controls on board.
I can still take a panorama of many shots and stitch them together to get 24MB. + pics.Big Grin
Yeh NT, learning to use D300 is like getting another Ph.D. I think I hope to graduate from kindergarden, knowing about 2 to 3% of the features. Pavel

Thanks for letting me know the external LCD would work. I will sort of keep an eye out for it. (Is this English? At least close?)
Yes. 'Keep an eye out', I think means lookout. Or 'keep an eye open' more probably the used one.
Thanks. Pavel
I think in a studio an external screen would be helpful, but then you might as well tether to a computer and really see what you're shooting.

In the field it strikes me as cumbersome and awkward.
Time setting it up would be better spent bracketing exposures.
Since I shoot at night so much, anything that makes it slower to setup and more importantly to pack up and leave quickly is bad.
For personal security if for no ther reason.

I've had to run for several blocks with camera still on tripod and my bag flying in every direction--there was no time to put anything away or even shoulder the bag.
Hate to think what a loose LCD screen would have been like in that situation.
I have already started leaving my bag in the car trunk so I can travel even faster.