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Full Version: New Macro lens
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Recived a new lens today.

Voigtländer 125/2,5 APO Macro

Its in mint condition (this lens is discontinued, and not very easy to get by) with box papers and everything. It has no sign of use and looks like new.

Been pouring down all day, so i havent had a chance to try it outside yet. Sad

[Image: vg125_zf100_2.jpg]

[Image: vg125_zf100_1.jpg]

And one quick snap of my youngest @ F/2,5.

[Image: leah_vg125_1.jpg]

Will post some more images when iv gotten some more time with it.
Very charming photo. You have a sense you have a window into the child's personality. Very crisp. I loved the detail in the eyes. The reflection shows the windows, the photograher and perhaps a third person - amazing. I love the soft skin tones. Pavel

Great equipment in the hands of a photographer who knows what to do with it. Is the cropping at the bottom a little tight? Pavel
Glad you liked it Pavel. Yes i agree the framing is a little tight.

Im looking forward to try this lens over the coming weeks.

/Paul L.
Ah, that new-lens smell... even if it's not quite new, it's still great. I'm looking forward to seeing more results.
congratulations and fantastic shot there!!

Thanx Uli!

A few from last night.

[Image: john_vg125_1.jpg]

[Image: dock_vg125.jpg]

[Image: nott_vg125.jpg]
aaargh! Whiskery Dick Lindqvist. Big Grin
Beautiful set.