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Full Version: Image up for sale as stock
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My photograph, "Parking Lot" was accepted as a stock photograph by "Dreamstime.Com."

It will soon be available at URL: http://www.dreamstime.com/parking-lot-image5727647

This is my first for sale opportunity as a stock photographer.
Well done, Don. Are we all invited to the party? Big Grin
Congratulations Don, it is a very imaginative, interesting photo. Pavel
Thanks guys. It's a thrill to think it might sell.
I am straightened out.

Oh ya you have it wrong. That $350 is for the extended use license and means you sell all the rights to one signle buyer - meaning that one person will be buying it for exclusive use. You'll see that the other prices are much much much lower. Your prices that you'll likely be dealing with are all those ones that range from $0.20 to $6.64 (assuming the image gets 100 downloads) and you only get 50% of the price meaning you're only getting $0.10 to $3.32. And as a typical micro stock site you won't see the money till your account hits $100.