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Full Version: Hey Matthew - your dream became reality. Lightroom 2 is out
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See the news on the homepage. I know where your money is going now! Pavel
Thanks for letting me know. Indeed, I've been busy looking around, and Lightroom Journal has a good list of the finalized changes. My plan now is to download the trial and order the box... I like having physical copies of software. There's not a lot of money right now, but there's no way I'm going to let the trial period expire.

Now I need to find a good book on it all.
I allways found that Lightroom has superb free tutorials online. Except of course they were all for version 1.x. I expect a floodgate of new tutorials. Do not hit the bookstore yet. Pavel
I find that I learn best from books, and I just like them as objects. I pick up hints and ideas from on-line articles, but don't really retain what I read unless it's something immediately useful. Going back to material and being able to read long-form helps me a lot.

I'm going to play with the software for a while and see what the changes are. But with everything else going on, I probably won't have much time to work with it until next week.
Interesting... here's Macworld's take on it: