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Full Version: Loved basalt Gitzo Tripods
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As I wondered aimlesly through Merkles photo store in Toronto I picked up a nice compact and incredibly light "basalt" tripod from Gitzo. The twist controls worked nice, but I am not used to them, so it took me longer than with my tripod to set up. It looked very sturdy, when I applied pressure from top and tried to woble. If you are looking for a light and sturdy tripod at around $300+ street, check them out. Pavel
Hi, Pavel! What did you mean"picked up"? Did you put it down again and leave it there, or did it become your latest toy? I remember that you were lusting for something like that earlier. Your list of gagets is becoming bigger than the size of your posts. (just kidding!!) .....Dennis
don't worry, with a bleeding hart I put it down and walked away.P
I also picked up a basalt tripod, and typically for me, I didn't put it down. (Camera gear and puppies are both best avoided unless I can commit to their care and feeding.) I love the light weight and the twist-lock legs, which I find much faster than the Manfrotto flip-lock system. The model I use is a GT1930, which is sometimes a little soft for the gear that I'll put on top of it, but since I bought it as a light travel tripod it suits me just fine. I have a much heavier one for use at home.
Mathew, I spent some time on Gitzo site & downloaded catalogue, which is actually quite informative. For 300 mm (effective), they recommend minimum of series 2 tripods. It is true that I rarely shoot more than effective 150 mm to 200 mm (it is the angle, not the weight that matters), but with one, you are clearly over. I am less concerned about weight that about folded size. My current manfrotto is rated as 55 cm and so I would consider buying only something that is at least 10 cm shorter. the tripods with that folded length are either not recommended for my camera/lens combination, or they are chest height with the central column extended. This is the same conclusion I reached about 6 months ago. So until I can get a series 2 tripod which is recommended for at least 200 mm effective and is roughle 45 cm long, I will keep the money in my pocket and lug my heavy (although carbon fiber) but solid tripod.

What about the anouncement re Toronto get together? Pavel
Oh, it's definitely my fault that I'm pushing the tripod beyond what it's rated for. My gear can easily outweigh the 1930, and I'll go as long as 566mm-e with it. But I don't generally use it that way for long exposures or anything else that requires absolute stillness, it's more of a composition aid and for quick work around the house. For more substantial work I have a Gitzo 2220 (aluminum) that's very solid and use a geared head for precise control. So I'm happy to split my needs into two separate tools instead of trying to have one that does everything.

Did you get my PM...?