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Full Version: Backup on any external drive without a computer using this device
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Backup on any external drive without a computer using XS Drive Bridge. see http://www.xs-drive.com/index.htm#_prods. Available only in Europe. This could save money, as you have to pay fortune for small devices with small built in HD. Interesting. To me this sounds like a good, potentialy cost effective idea, if not exactly convenient or compact. Is there a similar device available in the well known CENTER OF THE WORLD (Toronto of course, for those of you cut off from civilization).Failing that, available in North America?

Here is a similar and neater device from Vosonic http://www.vosonic.com/product.php?pkind=1. You can plug in the 2.5" Sata drive of your choice. Sounds real good. Epson charges a fortune to start with and a lot more as you increase the size of the HD,even though the cost differences for them are tiny.

The leader besides Epson seems to be Hyperdrive and the cheapest I think are the products from Volverine data

There are a lot of those 'Portable Hard Drives' on the market. Varying prices and varying ease of use.
Start price around £60.00 Sterling I think. It depends on the capacity you want.
NT, I have a 40GB Epson, which was great for D70s, but not enough for 2 weeks with D300. I would like to have something expandable, not with the built-in obsolescence of EPSON. I would like to be able to swap drives or buy the units cheap.
Have you had a look at Maxto?
Nt, found not thing under Maxto. If you mean Maxtor, their portables are for the use with computers and they do not work without them. I am thinking more like products from Sanho or Wolverine. Pavel
Sorry I am brain dead. Nexto was what I meant. http://www.nextodi.com/en/
Also see Link , but Pixmania (Jersey based) does not get good reviews.
You could buy from elsewhere.
If your eyes are bad Pavel, then you dont need a 3.8" or 7" screen for viewing in the field especially if you are used to a 24" one. So you only need the transfer/storage capacity type.

My ext 250GB HD is Western Digital (WD) and I have had no problem with it so far.

Mind you if you wait 12 months they will all be obsolete, and '3mill GB solar powered star drives' will be on the market. ( I wish) Big Grin
Thanks for the links. I agree, I am looking for something without the cost of an LCD. The Passport from WD sounds good, but it is powered via USB, which means it would draw power from my camera and I need a device with its own power supply and not needing a computer to operate (outside of home on holidays). Pavel
I am not certain, but I think they are battery powered and the usb is just for downloading to PC.
Otherwise it is not portable ( or is it?)
I think you can just stick the media card in, press a button, and it stores and verifies that it has received the files.
The info must be on the WD site somewhere.
That NexTo eXtreme ND-2700 looks like it may be the portable storage unit to have. Thanks for the link. You're right - you can just plug in the flash card and download the data. No need to connect to the camera. A 320 GB version at My Digital Discount (http://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/SPD/nex...442160.jsp) costs USD290. That will hold images from 20, 16gb cards. (Or about 6000 photos in my case. About a weekend's worth of shootingTongue.) The only issue would appear to be the download time: 1gb takes 40 sec = 10'40" for a 16 gb card. Also, I don't know if you can change the drives, as Pavel wants.
I've been using a Hyperdrive "Space," which has a 40GB drive and no picture-viewing LCD, but there are new ones ("colour space") that have a monitor screen. (I've only ever had one card fail to read on it, which seems decent, but I also haven't used it that much.)

But memory is so cheap.... right now Canada Computers is showing 8GB Sandisk 30MB/s cards in stock for $97 each. I'd take the flash memory over hard drives that can fail from a fall or run out of batteries, even though it is more expensive per megabyte.
It looks as though WD is only for PC to PC or similar. No mention of battery.
Whereas ..
Nexto info.

Amazon UK. price ..160GB
NextoDI Nexto MULTI-1 M1 ND-2325 Standard with 160GB 2.5" 5400rpm HDD, Memory card back, OTG Direct backup image tank Camera or HDD Camcorder via your USB cable on the move. by NextoDI
Buy new: £150.99
In stock

And another brand came up
Ex-Pro Picture 2 Drive P2S Photo Storage Image Tank 80Gb - Back up your photo's on the move. Copy Images from Card to Drive instantly. Li-on battery. OLED Colour Screen - Read All Cards. NEW SATA FAST VERSION
by Ex-Pro

Price: £77.97

But as Matthew says, media cards are getting cheaper. I have a 4GB and 2 x1GB's and I have not filled them yet. I download when I get home.
Matthew: When I go on holidays for 2 weeks, and spend a lot of time and fortune to get somewhere, you want to see all, do all and photograph all. My wife and I are typically after breakfest marching out of the hotel by 8 AM and we do not open the hotel door again until 10:30 PM. I shoot over 100 photos a day, RAW, 14 bit. You do the math. Having cards is too expensive. Pavel

NT: Thanks for the listings. I wish the prices in pounds were in dollars. I agree with you, I do not need a viewer, I just need a hard drive. My current Epson is a 40 GB drive and with D70s I thought I will never ever need more, but with D300, it is not enough for 2 weeks. another 40 GB would do it, but I suspect I will go for 80 to 100GB. I learned my lessons when I used to read Byte magazine in the early 80ties. A reviewer was going on how you will never ever need this new think called hard drive, which could hold 5 MB of data. That is about 2500 pages of text, you will never, ever need that, said the esteemed reviewer. He also raved about unscrupulous dealers, which were trying to get you to buy 32K or even 48K of RAM! You will never need more than 24 K. Hmm.

Hi, Pavel!

I saw a mini harddisk storage device for sale at Factory Direct. It is for downloading image files from memory cards. I believe the capacity was about 100 GB. Price about $100.00. This might suit your purposes. I bought one earlier...20GB for $50.00. The former seems like a much better deal. Regards.....Dennis
Thanks Dennis. I will look into it. Pavel