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Full Version: Won a Nikon D200 on ebay; wanted a D80 - what to do now?
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Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I spotted a bargain last night on ebay - a Nikon D200, ending at 6am in the morning -- so I knew competition would be light. To cut a long story short, I won the auction at a pretty good price, but was actually looking to buy something a bit more compact, like a Nikon D80. Big Grin

I'm sure it'll be an awesome camera to have and use, especially the "pro" features, just not my first preference...

What do you think I should do? Big Grin
Personally I think that once you start using it, you will not wish to let it go. The difference between D70s and D300 was large. the difference between D80 and D200 may not be quite as big, but I would not expect that you would want to trade down. I am sure you could find people who would trade you.

I would use it for a while and make up my mind after that. Pavel
If the D300 is anything to go by, there's not that big a difference - physically - between the two bodies. Congratulations on the new camera, I think you'll love it.
shuttertalk Wrote:What do you think I should do? Big Grin
Jules, there is a SERIOUSLY BIG problem with the D200. I read about it on the internet. Something about radiation, global warming, and hair loss.

As my hair is already thinning and thus I'm relatively immune to these issues, best thing to do is send the camera and a few nice lenses to me for testing. It might take a while, but I'll get it back to you. Someday. You've got my address.

I wish I had a problem like this.
I think you should buy a Canon.

hor hor hor hor...

Just use it, then sell it on if you don't want Big Grin
Hi guys, thanks for the advice, especially Mitch Wink

I was planning on using it and selling it again if I wasn't happy - HOWEVER - it turns out that the deal looks very dodgy, and I'm not going to go ahead with it. It's from a 0 feedback seller, and he/she doesn't seem to be responding to emails and someone else contacted me saying they won an auction with the exact same circumstances (down to the wording on the payment emails).

So just a word of warning to everyone as well - be careful on ebay! I guess if it's too good to be true, then it probably is. Sad