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Full Version: Surfin'
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[Image: IMG_2854.jpg]

Contrast and a sun added. Nothing else.
This photo is a bit like a graphic image, NT. I am a conservative guy, and I am not sure I like this, but I am trying to keep my mind open. You posted int the post processing forum. Do yu have questions or comments to make? What do you wish us to consider? You say that only contrast and sun are added, yet the photo seems to suggest extensive post-processing. The foreground softness borders sharply with the in-focus (sort of) area and I doubt that this has to do with selective focus. The halos around the foreground figures or the ocean(?) also does not look natural. The girl seems to stand on water. There is a halo overhanging the frame on the left and a dust spot below the sun. The ocean is made up of rple and blue-green cluster and the land/sea interface seems to have a chromatic aberastion-like purple fringe. Is this a computer-generated graphic or heavily manipulated real photo? For me, this is not the most intriquing or pleasing among your images NT, whatever that image is. Pavel
An interesting and compelling photograph that I might eventually dislike but will certainly remember. The treatment is outrageous but it works - and the photo makes an impression. I'd be tempted to print this to see if it translates onto the page. I like it.
Thanks for the feedback. The original was taken with the Tamron 300mm low down on the beach.
The waterline is around 1/2 mile from me. The strange effects and the funny looking sea are caused by heat haze. The halo's came with the contrast, where from I don't know unless there is a bit in the original.
It is not manipulated or PP'd other than what I stated. I was surprised with the effect.
I will resize the original and post it later. Smile
Oh the dust spot is a seagull, the other halo is from another figure (cropped), and the girl (with the surfboard) is a young boy Big Grin
[Image: barb.jpg]