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Christian Zionism - shuttertalk - Jun 27, 2004

What are you thoughts on Christian Zionism?

I saw this article regarding the launch of a new website http://www.christianzionism.org.

I tried to find an explanation of Christian Zionism on the site, but wasn't successful...

Christian Zionism - de_axeman - Jun 30, 2004

I could be wrong, but I think it has to do with getting the Jews in Israel to be born again...

By the way, I was at a 'Catch the Fire Ministries' conference a couple of weeks back, and a pastor there said that 49% of the rabbis there are born again!!

What's significant about that is once the proportion of born-again rabbis reach the majority, it will be the start of some major spiritual and theological changes in Israel - home of God's (first) chosen.

Pretty amazing stuff eh?

Christian Zionism - jhubers - Jul 1, 2004

Smile Hi, de_axeman,

Christian Zionism is an ideology based largely on the theology of dispensationalism which reads the Bible through a lens created primarily by a 19th century Irish evangelist named John Darby. This is the theology behind the "Left Behind" series as well as the many books penned by Hal Lindsey.

Christian Zionism has as its basic belief the idea that the establishment of the modern state of Israel is a key event in the unfolding of God's plan for the end of time. Christian Zionists believe that we must give unquestioning support to the state of Israel who in their eyes has the right to all the land which is currently divided between Arabs and Jews - including the West Bank and Gaza Strip because this is God's gift to the Jewish people. They tend to support the most extreme policies of the Israeli government and have a huge influence on the Bush administration. Tom DeLay is a strong Christian Zionist.

The most public spokespersons for this movement are Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

Check out some of the articles on this website. They are truly eye opening in terms of the history and influence of this movement.

Christian Zionism - shuttertalk - Jul 1, 2004

Hi and welcome, jhubers! Thanks for your insight - very helpful! Smile

Christian Zionism - jhubers - Jul 1, 2004

Hi, shuttertalk,

Thanks - glad I could help.

I'm the webmaster of the site, by the way. I'm also a keen photographer although I haven't done much creatively for some time. If I knew how to paste a photo to this I would pass on one of my more recent shots.


Christian Zionism - shuttertalk - Jul 1, 2004

Hi jhubers!

You should join us then -- there are a few Christian photographers in this forum too! Smile

Regarding posting photos, there's a link here: http://www.shuttertalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=56

Feel free to share!

Christian Zionism - de_axeman - Jul 1, 2004

thanks for enlightening all of us jhubers! errr... what's the url to your site?

Christian Zionism - Mr_Gadget - Jul 3, 2004

Yeah, jhubers...URL?

Christian Zionism - shuttertalk - Jul 3, 2004

jhubers Wrote:I'm the webmaster of the site, by the way.

I believe jhubers is the webmaster of http://www.christianzionism.org ... Smile