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"micro-contrast"? What's that then? - Zig - Jul 31, 2010

Hi gang.
Micro-contrast is a term I hear bandied about a great deal, admittedly at the more seedy-end forums than here, and by people who don't seem to know what it means(probably including me). I get the feeling it is another of those terms that folks use to pretend a degree of pseudo-professional mysticism.
For instance, I recently saw a thread somewhere that opined(and I paraphrase): "...the Japanese favour edge to edge sharpness, whereas the Germans look at micro-contrast, in ascertaining a lens' sharpness..."
I confess I really don't understand the above quote...and am not sure even what "micro-contrast means.
Can anyone help me understand this term please?

"micro-contrast"? What's that then? - NT73 - Jul 31, 2010

I don't understand it really but they seem to. ( Puts on micro intelligent face) Rolleyes

"micro-contrast"? What's that then? - Zig - Jul 31, 2010

Why, ta me owd NT! Big Grin
Yep, I gottit..I was merely semantically thrown, it seems: I've in fact been aware for several years of this, then, understanding the phenomenon of ability to resolve low-contrast details. The term micro-contrast must be a neologism then. Neat. Thank you!

"micro-contrast"? What's that then? - shuttertalk - Aug 1, 2010

Some good discussion here too...

I tried to read but my head imploded halfway. My headless body is just typing by reflex now to finish this messag

"micro-contrast"? What's that then? - Zig - Aug 3, 2010

"Get ahead, come to Shuttertalk" Cool
Good man, Jules!