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RF Grip for Compacts - shuttertalk - Jan 26, 2011

Spotted this on the internet - this guy makes custom grips for certain models of compact cameras, and has gained quite a large following. For the Canon S90, Dpreview have actually put in a brief mention about his unique grip in their review article.

Quote:This Custom Grip is individually 3D CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium before being glass-bead blasted, black-anodized and nickel-sealed for durability and good looks.

Quoting from Richard's email to me: "This grip is really a very special one. The small size of the S90 was a very challenging factor in find the right design that didn't overpower the body. The grip sits about 1.5 mm lower than the retracted lens, so it does not affect the pocketability of the camera."

The adhesive used for mounting the grip is VHB (very high bond) 3M clear transfer film for unparallel bonding power in all possible environmental conditions. Despite its holding power, the grip can be carefully removed without damaging the camera finish or leaving a stubborn residue. After removing it, you can cover the adhesive with the original slick backing material for storage so that you can reattach the grip later.
IMHO - could be very useful for those who have big hands or find it hard to get a good grip on their small compact cameras. I like how you can remove it later without damaging the camera, and can also re-attach it at a later stage.

RF Grip for Compacts - Toad - Jan 26, 2011

I have to say that I find the custom grips quite pretty - which is unusual seeing how I find the very similar looking grip on the GF-2 quite ugly...