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Leah 4-years old - Paul.R.Lindqvist - Feb 20, 2012

Been while!
Hope all is well with you guys! Smile

My youngest turned 4 earlier this month, i try to take one on their birthday. So here is Leah 4 years old!

[Image: leah_4ar.jpg]

RE: Leah 4-years old - Toad - Feb 20, 2012

She has really grown up since the last time we saw her. Great portraits.

RE: Leah 4-years old - NT73 - Feb 20, 2012

Quite beautiful. Runs in the family as I said many moons back.

Leah 4-years old - matthew - Feb 20, 2012

So great. Fantastic job and a really nice presentation as well.

RE: Leah 4-years old - shuttertalk - Feb 20, 2012

Fantastic job Paul... the expressions are well captured and I agree that the presentation is simple but lovely.

My oldest is turning 4 in March... they're so much fun aren't they?

RE: Leah 4-years old - Paul.R.Lindqvist - Feb 20, 2012

Thanx guys!

Yes she has grown since last time i posted a picture of her, she won't stop no matter what i do :-)

They are fun indeed, well as long as she get her way (which is she usually does..)

RE: Leah 4-years old - nia - Feb 21, 2012

Happy Birthday! Wonderful photographs you captured. Thank you Paul,

with my love, nia