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Lenscaster / Padcaster - shuttertalk - Apr 18, 2012

As if using your iPad as a camera isn't hard enough, now you can mount an SLR lens on your iPad and also mount it on a tripod at the same time.


I must admit though that if you take into account the primary intended use - that is to shoot video while mounted on a tripod - that it may not be too bad after all. You get a huge 10" viewfinder, nice lens with blurry out of focus blackground and iPad post processing afterwards.

RE: Lenscaster / Padcaster - NT73 - Apr 19, 2012

I would miss the professional look of photographers closed left eye.

RE: Lenscaster / Padcaster - Toad - Apr 19, 2012

I'd say that this is a joke if I didn't know better...