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Photography in Space - shuttertalk - May 1, 2012

Many of us will never know what it's like in space (probably not in our lifetimes anyway) but this Luminous Landscape article by Captain Alan Poindexter gives a fascinating account on how photography is performed on a NASA space mission to the ISS.

Some fascinating tidbits range from the use of Nikon DSLRs and ones specially adapted to withstand vacuum and temperature extremes, to the effect of the shuttle velocity on long exposures.

RE: Photography in Space - Zig - May 6, 2012

Nice Jules; really enjoyed that!

RE: Photography in Space - NT73 - May 6, 2012

I was going to reply to this when Safari shut down on me. Very interesting read and photo's.

RE: Photography in Space - shuttertalk - May 8, 2012

Thanks Shaun and Ray, I really enjoyed that read too. Here's another fascinating video - this time of photography at high G's in F16s.