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All you guitarists out there! - dave - Jul 1, 2004

I'm interested in what gear such as pedals, effects boards and amps you use.

I use a boss ME-30 multiple effects board and a yamaha amp

All you guitarists out there! - adam - Jul 1, 2004

Effects board: Zoom GFX-8, but I haven't been using for a long time since the power adaptor broke, I'll get another one soon!
Amp: Marshall MG30

it's always nice to play with people's tube amps Smile

All you guitarists out there! - de_axeman - Jul 1, 2004

Hi Dave! I use the ME33's bigger brother - the GT6. I think BOSS effects are great - not superbly jump-out-of-your-pants oustanding, but very reliable, affordable and of excellent quality.

I've also got a few miscellaneous pedals like a Jim Dunlop wah, a Boss CS-1 Compressor/Sustainer and an Ibanez Digital Delay, bu I mostly use the GT6 when I play on stage.

I've got a couple of amps - a Laney TF200 and a Marshall VS65R. I think I prefer the Marshall for the same reasons I like BOSS - reliability, and unlike Forrest Gump's box o' chocolates, 'you know what you're gonna git'.

What's your Yamaha amp like? Is that the one with those cool digital effects & modelling? I'm really hanging out to upgrade my amp, and I'm considering going for a Fender tube combo, or if I can afford it, a MESA Lone Star combo...

All you guitarists out there! - shuttertalk - Jul 1, 2004

I use a bike pedal, chopping board and a table lamp... oh you mean AMP... Big Grin

All you guitarists out there! - adam - Jul 1, 2004

haha, reminds me of something a pastor once asked me, she asked how she could change the sound of her guitar, I told her that she could use a pedal, and then she asked "a piano pedal?"... lol