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Content pirates!! - shuttertalk - Dec 9, 2004

Bah, this has got me pretty incensed ...

This guy has the nerve to not only copy and paste the entire text of my review into his auction listing, but also link to images on my server!!


Anyway, eBay authorities have been notified...

Content pirates!! - gd - Dec 9, 2004

ha! That's outrageous.... I can't believe people try that... At least an acknowledgement of the work would have been nice.. or an inquiry around the use of your hard work.....

Although, I'll give this guy credit.. I couldn't tell that it wasn't your body he stuck your head onto. It looks real-as.

Bye bye robyahh... it's been fun watching you pirate... well not fun.. just funny that you think you could try it on.

Content pirates!! - slejhamer - Dec 9, 2004


How did you find out?

Content pirates!! - StudioJ - Dec 9, 2004

slejhamer Wrote:Bogus!

How did you find out?

His cyber wooden leg made had a .wav associated with it and woke him up one day at work Wink

Content pirates!! - shuttertalk - Dec 9, 2004

Someone kind person emailed me actually. Not sure exactly who that person was, but thank you, whoever you are! Big Grin

Content pirates!! - Petographer - Dec 9, 2004

Why don't you remove the images from your server?

Content pirates!! - EnglishBob - Dec 9, 2004

I've had a long running problem with other people hot-linking images and files from my counter-strike website.

Content pirates!! - Toad - Dec 9, 2004

You have a counter-strike website? Are you playing Half Life 2 yet?

Content pirates!! - EnglishBob - Dec 9, 2004

Yep, I have a CS website http://www.bobsbunker.net

And, nope, not playing HL2, my machine won't run it.

Content pirates!! - adam - Dec 10, 2004

let's play CS Big Grin~

shuttertalk: Temporarily the images with something rude Big Grin
so when people look at it.... :|
Put a picture of a Leica, or maybe a Holga, or a polaroid... or a car, or a dog

I'm at work

Content pirates!! - StudioJ - Dec 10, 2004

I'm all for playing CS, I haven't played it in years!

At the moment the network here consists of four machines all capable of running CS but no-one to play with Sad

Content pirates!! - slejhamer - Dec 10, 2004

So the CS in Photoshop CS means Counter Strike?


Content pirates!! - adam - Dec 10, 2004

In years StudioJ?!
It's up to 1.6 now!!! using 'STEAM' hehe Tongue

Content pirates!! - adam - Dec 10, 2004

computer science, creative suite, chicken soup, counter strike

Content pirates!! - lschmekel - Dec 10, 2004

Hmmm, CS.... Must admit that i've never played. I've was a Quake fan for a bit, then moved to SOF, now I'm playing Call of Duty. Maybe time to invest in CS. hehe, maybe we could start a clan... Team ShutterShot?...

Content pirates!! - StudioJ - Dec 10, 2004

Yes Adam, years, since the last time I went to WA LAN which was a good 2 1/2 years ago and I'd been playing it a couple of years then, I'm an old hand but in my old age my reflexes aren't what they used to be Wink

Content pirates!! - shuttertalk - Dec 11, 2004

Back on topic, here's an interesting turn of events:

I emailed him, asking him nicely to remove my material:

Quote:Dear robbyahh,

Hi there, I noticed that you've copied and pasted the entire text of my review on Shuttertalk, and not only that -- you're linking to images on my server.

While I am slightly flattered, I would ask you to please kindly remove all offending text and images, as this material is copyrighted.

You are welcome to post a link to the review, but please be a bit more original than cutting and pasting.

I am reporting this matter to ebay authorities and they will in due course suspend your account and all oustanding auctions if this matter is not rectified pronto.

Thanks kindly,

And he replied today with:

Quote:My apologies to you for doing this. I should have asked your permission first.
I actually cut and paste if from someone elses ebay advert, but that does not make what I have done right.

I am happy to change my advert and remove your review if that is your desire. I will do this shortly.

My apologies once again and keep up the great reveiws. When someone like you who is in the know can publish reviews like this if is very helpful.



I noticed that his auction description on ebay reads much differently now... I have to give him credit for apologising and doing what was appropriate. Big Grin

Now, to go after the guy whom he copied the ad off... :x

Content pirates!! - shuttertalk - Dec 11, 2004

I've enabled hotlink protection on this server, which means that sites trying to link directly to images on shuttertalk.com will come up with broken images.

I hope everyone doesn't mind -- I intend this to be a temporary measure only.

I was actually thinking of replacing the images with this (tee hee hee), but thought the better of it Big Grin

[Image: stole.gif]

For those members with photos in our gallery section or forums, and are linking to them from your personal sites -- apologies. This action is not intended to stop you from doing so, as I don't mind offering some free image hosting to our loyal members.

I will disable hotlink protection as soon as these ebay content pirates are dealt with... which hopefully is soon.

Content pirates!! - adam - Dec 12, 2004

Hahaha!!! free advertising Smile

Content pirates!! - shuttertalk - Dec 13, 2004

Oh gosh that's funny...

[Image: ebaystole.gif]

Content pirates!! - dewy - Dec 13, 2004

The shuttertalker has comething to hide by not showing his tastbar!!!!111one1 ph34r the naughty sites!

Content pirates!! - shuttertalk - Dec 13, 2004

Hahah lol... you can see "backup forums" is one button I keep within easy reach...

Content pirates!! - slejhamer - Dec 13, 2004

I like the stop sign. You could also put something like:

This product review is copyrighted material. If you are seeing it in an ebay auction, then the seller is using it illegally and we strongly suggest you not do business with this seller. But you are obviously into cameras, so why not stop by our friendly photography site, www.shuttertalk.com, and have a look?

Content pirates!! - shuttertalk - Dec 13, 2004

Hey good idea Mitch! Smile

Content pirates!! - EnglishBob - Dec 13, 2004

That's a much nicer image than what I replaced my images with <WEG>