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Insect Baby - Don Schaeffer - Apr 21, 2013

[Image: insectbaby.jpg]

RE: Insect Baby - Don Schaeffer - Apr 23, 2013

[Image: insectbabyfinal.jpg]

The Insect Baby

Unearthly markings on the
moist earth toned shell skin
are, surprisingly,
from the earth we've not
spent the hours to see.

I get a view of it
through my poor lens,
the buried, small, unhappy
earth, away from the sun,
separated from God,
where the devil's cohorts live.

RE: Insect Baby - Barbara G. - Apr 24, 2013

Thank you - the second photo gives me a better view. :0)

RE: Insect Baby - Don Schaeffer - Apr 24, 2013

Thanks Barbara. Yes, I tried a radical experiment that didn't work too well on the first.