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Before and After - EdMak - Apr 5, 2016

Original taken, June 1914, written on back, showing it's age on the front!

This took about an hour, with thanks to the Adobe P/S development team. Ed.

RE: Before and After - Jocko - Apr 5, 2016

Excellent work. I have done that a few times for friends and relatives. Time well spent.

RE: Before and After - Browser Mike - Apr 5, 2016

Ed, that is superb.

RE: Before and After - caveman - Apr 5, 2016

well done!

RE: Before and After - Dougson - Apr 6, 2016

Yep been there done that & very satisfying it is to.

RE: Before and After - GrahamS - Apr 6, 2016

Only an hour? Ed, you are a wizard!

RE: Before and After - MrB - Apr 6, 2016

Good work, Ed. Smile


RE: Before and After - Phil J - Apr 9, 2016

Another EdMac triumph. Although in Eds case, excellence has now become standard. Smile



RE: Before and After - EdMak - Apr 9, 2016

Comments appreciated. Will pass on 85% to Adobe.

Timewise, I gained a lot by cropping to the edited area, got rid of a lot of work.
The worst bit was the face of the person, side on, in the middle, the crease ran right over. Rebuilt face, gave hair graft, including hirsute appendage!
Feel as if I am entitles to put Plastic Surgeon on my CV. Ed.

RE: Before and After - compasiune11 - Apr 18, 2016

WOW excelent work! It looks outstanding!

RE: Before and After - GerbenG - Apr 26, 2017

That's just amazing! How do you get out the cracks from the picture? Is that some magic wizard stamping and cloning? I have a lot of respect for these skills Ed!!

RE: Before and After - EdMak - Apr 26, 2017

Mainly Spot healing brush tool, and healing brush tool . Cloning and patch tool. Credit due to Photoshop creators. Ed.

RE: Before and After - RobertMurariu - Apr 27, 2017

Great results Ed! It's a time consuming job that requires patience and atention to detail.I have about 10-15 pictures in my office drawer that waits reconstruction and i don't fell i have the patience to do it.
Regards, Robert

RE: Before and After - nia - Apr 3, 2019

"Reborn" of a photograph... This is great work. Thank you, Love, nia

RE: Before and After - EdMak - Apr 3, 2019

Thank you Nia for your kind words. Ed.

RE: Before and After - nia - Apr 3, 2019

You are welcome dear Ed. I am so glad to hear you, have a nice day, Love, nia

RE: Before and After - jogesh12345 - May 17, 2019

Excellent work is done. It looks outstanding.

RE: Before and After - EdMak - May 17, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to reply, appreciated. Ed.