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Old Faithful - WDHewson - Nov 3, 2018

Nothing unusual about a shot of Old Faithful when out in Yellowstone in September.

However, it did amuse me to learn that, pre-Park days, the old pioneersĀ  did their laundry by throwing it in and having it pop out clean 80 minutes later.

RE: Old Faithful - GrahamS - Nov 3, 2018

Superb image. As for the laundry - it surely must have shrunk some!

RE: Old Faithful - EdMak - Nov 4, 2018

Excellent. Wonder if it put a Laundry mark on, for identification. Ed.

RE: Old Faithful - adam - Nov 20, 2018

haha, great story about the natural washing machine!

RE: Old Faithful - EnglishBob - Dec 3, 2018

Love the image, was too crowded to get any decent shots the one time I was there.

RE: Old Faithful - jogesh12345 - Jul 1, 2019

Perfect shot. So it can be called natural laundry.