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Never too much? - shuttertalk - Jun 4, 2004

Just wondering - how much memory do you think is sufficient for your photographic needs? 512MB? 1GB? The more the merrier? Is there an optimal amount?

My 256MB card gives me approx 300 shots in JPEG mode, but only a miniscule 36 shots in RAW. I suppose if I was just shooting one day's worth, it would be more than sufficient, but for longer trips, then I'd have to look to alternative forms of storage.

What does everyone think?

Never too much? - Mr_Gadget - Jun 14, 2004

Memory cards have come down quite substantially in the last six months...256MB and 512MB cards are fairly popular amongst my customers these days...

I myself, have a 1GB Sandisk Ultra II Compact Flash Card...it's a bewdy!
The 9/10MB read and writes speeds are a must with the 300D! The Lifetime Warranty is also very assuring... Smile

Never too much? - shuttertalk - Jun 15, 2004

I went on a long weekend trip over 3 days, and my 256 MB card was filled up by the 2nd day! I had to start deleting photos, which I really hate to do, because it's difficult to tell which ones you want to keep with the little LCD screen. Anyway, looks like I might be going for a 512MB soon Smile

Never too much? - ramboy - Jun 23, 2004

I went to india with a 192MB card (see India Pics) and got 500+ pics. hehehe

But i cheated. I took along an ipaq with a 2GB PCMCIA Hard Drive and when my card got full, i transferred it over

Never too much? - adam - Jun 30, 2004

I went on a camp on Saturday until Tuesday. Lucky I brought my laptop, I took about 920 photographs (after deleting many already) and that takes up 1.6GB, and my CF card is only 512mb.

I think the more is merrier Smile Shooting without worrying about limitations.
There would be no downsides with having more right? Except for those who go happies with it and fill up the card just because they can, then everytime they unload, itll not only take a while, but also use up their hard disk space Smile haha

Never too much? - lemangoholic - Jul 1, 2004

Agree... more is better... if you paid for top of the range high megapix camera, you might as well make full use of it and take pics with the best quality. Of course better quality demands higher memory. I've got a 512mb CF card.

But work provide a 4G card to some of my colleagues, which I occassionally use. I't awesome!

Never too much? - adam - Jul 2, 2004

If I had a 4g card, I'd probably run out of battery before I fill it up Smile
I took the many pictures on medium size because there was no need for large size (maybe even medium was unnecessary) - these pictures, I don't think, will be printer out - just for displaying on a computer... unless you wanted to zoom zoom to someone's face or a large group picture Smile

As for shooting in highest quality, I don't usually shoot in RAW, unless it's something very very nice and I'd think I need to, otherwise it'll just take up so much room on my computer and all I do is extract the JPEG out and not much postprocessing like adjusting white balance.

Never too much? - shuttertalk - Jul 3, 2004

Well I shot a wedding yesterday on a 300D, and both lemangoholic and adam have very good points -

- I filled a 1 gig card 3 times over (had to download photos to my notebook each time - very unprofessional) Smile

- I ran out of juice by the time I got to the reception (I think it's probably due to downloading all the photos). Good thing there was a spare available Smile

Never too much? - lemangoholic - Jul 5, 2004

I just discovered work IT dudes made a mistake in distributing all the 4g card as part of the laptop upgrade!!! Urghhh... :x
So I'm not getting mine deliver as plan!!! Sigh... will have to keep borrowing from my colleagues... sigh... Sad

Never too much? - shuttertalk - Jul 5, 2004

Wow, you get 4G cards for work? They just give us 128mb flash drives Sad

Never too much? - lemangoholic - Jul 11, 2004

Yeah we get the 4G card and 128mb flash drive... but the IT guys stuff up the order etc, so everything got cancelled by some hot shot... So I'm not getting mine now... eventhough my manager approved the purchase! Sigh... Sad

Never too much? - shuttertalk - Jul 11, 2004

Sigh! Sad

Never too much? - dewy - Jul 11, 2004

I currently have a 16MB card I would ove to get a 256 or 512MB card and then start looking at the i/PowerBooks, as i have always wanted a MAC and a APPLE I am thinking I will kill two birds with one stone =)

Never too much? - de_axeman - Jul 12, 2004

Is it possible to have a wireless connection from your digicam to a laptop/PDA? Then you can theoretically take advantage of the onboard memory rather than be restricted to the memory on your card?

If it is possible, but just hasn't been invented yet, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS WAITING FOR??? Big Grin

Never too much? - shuttertalk - Jul 12, 2004

I was suggesting it too, but apparently they've already thought of that:

I dunno, my take is that there's a huge market/industry for flash memory, and they're not going be getting rid of that in a hurry...

Never too much? - adam - Jul 14, 2004

Read in news article that prices are expected to drop this year and next year, so I'm waiting until they drop Smile

Now that I shoot in RAW, I feel that I need something bigger.
The other day when shooting out in Fremantle, needed to stop twice to unload my card, once when having lunch (fish and chips, I'm hungry now) and another later after we climbed that hill Big Grin
[Image: CRW_1821%20(Medium).jpg]
Unloading Wink

It would be nice to have two cards though, then I could load while continuing to shoot with the other card.

Never too much? - peter - Jul 16, 2004

YEah .. we unloaded quite a bit .. hehe a wireless connection to the laptop ey ..
i know u can connect the 300D to ur computer and use REmte capture to unload directly ..
but then ur laptop battery wil ldie ..so no point unleess u carry a power gerator on ur bak ^^

i use a 512 card now .. thinking about getting a 2gb micro drive.. the solit state ones r more efficient ..
but will eat my pocket ~_~

Never too much? - adam - Jul 16, 2004

Not only laptop battery die, but more importantly, camera battery will die wouldn't it? And thats the worrying one! without camera battery = no pictures!

For now, I'd prefer to have 2x512mb rather than 1x1024gb, though its the same amount of mb, having two cards will allow me to shoot with one while unloading the other.

Never too much? - peter - Jul 16, 2004

uhahua yeah .. unless u shoot faste rthen u can unload ... heheh ...
then its a problem ^^

Never too much? - dewy - Jul 17, 2004

I tihnk what he means is that in case there is a shot he want's to grab when he is unloading he has no card to stic it on, if he has 2 he always has on in the camera Big Grin , Good Idea

Never too much? - peter - Jul 17, 2004

yeah i know what he means ..
i go shooting wid adam n my utha frend ..so yeah ..
its is anoying waiting for his USB 1.1 Flash drive to unload ...
we should have brang 2 card readers adam ,,, faster that way ,,,

Never too much? - adam - Jul 20, 2004

As in my other thread, "next purchases"
I want to get the PCMCIA card reader; but want to know if it's much faster? to see if it's worth getting.
Then maybe 1xPCMCIA to load my pictures and the other 2 USB ports to load yours and long's pictures Tongue
and watch my laptop battery die Smile

Never too much? - peter - Jul 20, 2004


this should have some answers ^^

Never too much? - adam - Jul 21, 2004

Thankyou very much Peter Smile
I'm looking through it now, the only part that seems to answer me is
the Website peter gave me Wrote:CardBus (32 bit burst mode)
* Byte mode: 33 Mbytes/sec
* Word mode: 66 Mbytes/sec
* DWord mode: 132 Mbytes/sec

I'm not sure what that means, but 33 Mbytes/sec already looks much faster than my card can handle (I think my kingston 512mb compact flash can only do 9mb/sec, I'll have to check on this)

Never too much? - peter - Jul 21, 2004

hehe ..if thats true ..then PCMCIA should be good for you ..