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Digital rangefinders? - shuttertalk - Jul 28, 2004

Just doing some musing... would you buy a digital rangefinder-type camera? You know, those cameras which you focus manually by superimposing two images in the viewfinder. I think Epson has one out, the R-D1. But in this modern day and age, why would you, when you have superior AF systems that lock in a blink of an eye?

I actually dabble with rangefinder cameras as well - in fact, I've got three: a Canon Canonet G-III QL17 (doesn't work) a QL19, and also a Konica C35. I actually love the act of carefully composing, manually focusing and snapping photos - it's almost like pursuit of a higher art form. (haha, now you've lost it, jules). And the quality... well let's just say that they don't make cameras and lenses like that anymore. The optics are tack sharp, and images produced are so rich and contrasty... but that's on film.

Part of me screams "bring back the good old stuff" and the other part says "gimme the latest features and whiz bang gadgetry"! I dunno... what do you think?

Digital rangefinders? - peter - Jul 28, 2004

its a bit of a pain to use ..
but its more acurate than eyeing the focus manually ..
however .. with the technology today ..
its not as useful as it may have been back i nthe old days ..

i mean i have an old 35mm SLR .. (pretty crap one ..that dates bak to 1960 or sumfin) ..
that uses the rangfinder focusing method...

ill taker a photo of it some time and post it up ^__^

Digital rangefinders? - adam - Jul 30, 2004

Can anyone explain what a rangefinder is?
You can take pictures with it, right?

Digital rangefinders? - shuttertalk - Aug 1, 2004

Yeah, rangefinder is a type of camera. Some have interchangable lenses, but most of the old ones have a fixed lens built in (i.e. no zoom). You look through a viewfinder, and focus manually. You see like two images superimposed over each other, and when you adjust the focus, they come together... which is when you know that the image is in focus.

Digital rangefinders? - adam - Aug 1, 2004

Sounds interesting! I'd like to try that Smile

Digital rangefinders? - peter - Aug 1, 2004

hey adam..
next time you come over..
ill show you one that i have ...
its a super brick SLR ...

i reakon i could brick someones house and the camera would still be functional .. .