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New Camera - Don Schaeffer - Oct 12, 2005

I really did it. I went out and bought the Kodak z740.

Thanks for your supportive comments.

I'm going to take it for a full trial run tomorrow.


New Camera - Irma - Oct 12, 2005

Congratulations, Don!! That is great !! Smile

I look forward to seeing your pictures..

New Camera - EnglishBob - Oct 12, 2005

Great news Don, looking forward to some pictures from this bad boy Smile

New Camera - shuttertalk - Oct 13, 2005

Cool! Looking forward to seeing more photos! Big Grin

New Camera - Zig - Oct 13, 2005

Good man!

New Camera - Don Schaeffer - Oct 13, 2005

I'll tell you the camera feels very nice. Thanks.