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xmas early - byrt_001 - Nov 16, 2005


i just got a pressie from my father in law...yes a bit early

nooo....not the d200 i wish...hehehehe

he sended me the little, brown and company "ansel adams" 2006 calendar, wonderful shots. i just can not get keep my eyes looking at those shots.

he also send me Advance photoshop, the magazine for adobe phottoshop professionals, really nice magazine, very interesting articles and some really good tutorials. love the colver a shot of the guy that i was talking about earlier george logan very interesting article on him too.
uuhm have not seen this magazine around in wa?


xmas early - Irma - Nov 16, 2005

Congratulations for your gifts, Christian....

I would love to see the calendar... I will go to Luebeck one of these days I am sure it will be in the bookstore I usually go..

I didn't know there was a photoshop magazine...