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Shuttertalk and PDAs - Toad - Feb 19, 2006

I am in the market to replace my failing Palm V5 PDA - which I have organized my life with for years. One of the features that I want with my new PDA - whether it is Palm or Pocket PC - is the ability to surf the net wirelessly when I am on the road. I have been trying out a few models and the Shuttertalk website (always my first choice of test site) does not display very well - particularly the photos.

So...does anybody out there use a PDA to surf the web? How does Shuttertalk display for you? What browser/OS do you use? I like the Palm TX - but I couldn't see any photo larger than an avatar in its browser. Any suggestions? Any insights?

I realize that PDAs typically use limited browsers to conserve bandwidth, but if there is something out there that works in a manner roughly comparable to a desktop PC, I don't mind going the extra mile...

Shuttertalk and PDAs - shuttertalk - Feb 19, 2006

Hey Mr T...

I used to surf using a pocketpc with 240x320 resolution, and it's not a very pretty sight... I've heard the blazer web browser for palm isn't particularly good at making full use of the screen real estate...

A couple of things I used to do:

Bitstream Thunderhawk is a subscripiton service, but displays pages in landscape orientation, and does a very good job at it. Have to pay though... Sad There's another one called Netfront or something...

This one I used alot - skweezer.net - it's a web portal that strips out most of the images but leaves the text intact...

Also try pdaportal.com - has lots of pda friendly content, especially useful for stock lookups...

These days I've given up, and just resorted to using my wireless laptop around the house... Big Grin

Shuttertalk and PDAs - EnglishBob - Feb 19, 2006

I regularly use my HP IPAQ 2755 for websurfing... it's not pretty but I do use it to read and occasionally post to these forums.

Shuttertalk and PDAs - shuttertalk - Mar 7, 2006

Hey guys, there's this cool tabbed browser called Webby:

Quote:Besides tabbed browsing Webby automatically provides the ability to scale web pages using the two top microbrowsers, Skweezer.net and Google Mobile.
Haven't tried it... but sounds pretty cool...