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Mobile phone viruses? - de_axeman - Jun 16, 2004

I read in The Age yesterday that the world's first mobile phone virus has emerged, transmitted from one phone to another vie Bluetooth.

It relatively harmless at this stage (only displaying the name of the virus everytime you turn on your phone), but it's the beginning of bad things to come.

Rich will be he who gets into mobile phone anti-virus technology?

What are your thoughts?

Mobile phone viruses? - shuttertalk - Jun 16, 2004

Hey Axeman...

I saw the article too!

This one's pretty harmless, but imagine if they could wipe out your address book!! It would be total chaos!! Sad

Mobile phone viruses? - de_axeman - Jun 17, 2004

Yeah - so having Bluetooth as a feature on your phone is now a bad thing?!?!?

Mobile phone viruses? - Mr_Gadget - Jun 20, 2004

Mate, people have far too much time on their hands...then again it could be anti-virus companies making a new market for themselves...

Mobile phone viruses? - ramboy - Jun 23, 2004

When bonding bluetooth devices, people usually stick to the 0000 code. Also some people's devices enables anyone to connect without even bonding. This gives an open door to these hackers.

Mobile phone viruses? - ramboy - Jun 23, 2004

Try it yourself, go to the train station or a packed place like shopping malls and use your PDA or phone to search for bluetooth devices. i bet you can connect to most of them using 0000

Mobile phone viruses? - de_axeman - Jun 30, 2004

so from a hacker's point of view, what can you do by connecting to other Bluetooth devices at a train station?

Mess with other people's address books? Make calls from their phones?

Mobile phone viruses? - adam - Jun 30, 2004

It's useful in the library, when people are being noisy, just send a message to them (make a contact with the message and send to them by bluetooth), they wont know its you, and you might not even know that it's them, just don't look suspicious Tongue