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"August": New slide show with music - Don Schaeffer - Sep 8, 2006



"August": New slide show with music - Toad - Sep 8, 2006

Excellent, Don! The music and poetry really enhance the images in these shows, and you are refining your presentation technique very nicely. I like the thematic break between early summer and late summer - counterpointed by the music.

BTW: The family reunion show was good as well, even though I felt like I was eavesdropping a bit...

"August": New slide show with music - smarti77 - Sep 8, 2006

Don - I dont think I have seen one of these before. I was impressed - very effective. Your choice of music combination was also interesting. Good to see that railway crossing again too.

I find it hard to describe but you have added elements that are lacking when just looking a photos on a website. Its the combination of the music, the movement and zooming of the shots and even the poetry that has made it more of a movie and not just a slideshow.

"August": New slide show with music - Don Schaeffer - Sep 9, 2006

Thanks guys. The software (Nero Photoshow 4) is very good. I can make real DVDs out of these shows as well.