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Network Transfer Speeds - shuttertalk - Feb 15, 2007

Hey all, I'm in a bit of a pickle with wife and technology... Big Grin

I've got all my photos stored on my laptop, and also backed up to a HDD storage device on the home network. My wife wants to look at the pictures too, so I tell her to just browse the photos on the storage device from her laptop, over the wireless network. The transfer speeds seem to be very slow though probably due to a combination of the large file sizes and relatively slow wireless network (802.11b / 11Mbps) - it literally takes 5 seconds or more to move between viewing full size JPGs, more if they're NEFs. Sad

I'm wondering if anyone is facing the same problems, and can suggest any solutions? I'm thinking...

1. Upgrade home wireless network to 802.11g (54 Mbps), which should theoretically be 5x faster

2. Set up sync jobs to copy all the photos to her laptop (probably not a good idea?)

3. Use some sort of software which caches smaller sized images on her laptop, and then only retrieves the full size image if she wants to edit or view it

4. Run a web server gallery app on my laptop which dynamically resizes the images on the fly, which she can browse to form her laptop

Anyone know of solutions for #3 or #4 above? I'll probably need to do #1 as well, just been putting it off...


Network Transfer Speeds - Toad - Feb 15, 2007

Build a digital frame and display your photos in a rotation...

Network Transfer Speeds - Petographer - Feb 15, 2007

#1 I might say. I was running into similar issues ang replaced my router. Back in buisness again. Smile