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Before and after - Paul.R.Lindqvist - Feb 21, 2007

Worked on a old shot today to get some time with my new Tablet. Wink

Keep in mind that i always shoot in raw, and all settings set to 0 or low in camera, thus creating a very bland raw material. I much prefer this since i like the idea to "develop" my raw originals.

Anyway here's the before and after shot.
(to view them properly view the large version links, since the small version arent sharpened)

[Image: emma_org_s.jpg]
Large Version

[Image: emma_ed_s.jpg]
Large Version

Any comments on what you liked or disliked with the edited version are much appreciated.

/Paul L.

Before and after - Petographer - Feb 21, 2007

Great processing Paul. The editied image has her looking much more fresh. The images being brightened up gives her more of a Mono Lisa smile.

Before and after - Paul.R.Lindqvist - Feb 23, 2007

Thanx Colin.

Rought steps in cs
converted to lab, brighten
sharpening applied in lab mode.
Converted to rgb.
Skin softening, using mask and layers.
Darken background,using a mask.
Converted to srgb.

Thanx for looking,

/Paul L.

Before and after - ABree - Feb 23, 2007

I like the processing Paul, it accentuates her eyes beautifully and as Colin says has a freshness to it....

Sharon Smile

Before and after - Paul.R.Lindqvist - Feb 24, 2007

Thanx Sharon.

/Paul L.