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html for dummies - wulinka - Feb 24, 2007

I recently started getting into the most basic ways of web design, the result of which can now be seen at

Being an absolute beginner in the field, I have never typed a word of html or even used an ftp server before.
So while making my homepage in Netscape Composer, a very intuitive and straight forward program, and having a glance
at some other programs some of you recommended I still got curious about doing it all myself.....

I found W3 Schools, who offer turorials on html, xhtml, CSS among other things for free. It catered to beginners like me, so for the cracks among you, you might not find much new here. But if there is anyone else like me, who is just thinking about getting started, I think it's really helpful.


html for dummies - Petographer - Feb 24, 2007

I gotta say Uli. I bought a web template and changed things in front page to the way I like it. I have no clue about html.

html for dummies - shuttertalk - Feb 24, 2007

Hey Uli,

Good on you - I agree that it's good to understand html as you at least know what you are doing when editing templates. Most important for me is CSS (cascading style sheets) which allow you to tweak the look of the various elements on the page.

Having said that, I agree with Peto too - I never start from scratch because there are so many awesome templates around which you can modify and base your design on. Check out the following site, which has free templates to download and use:


(The most recent ST layout is based on one of the templates from there)

html for dummies - wulinka - Feb 24, 2007

good to know.
but to be able to change them, I sill have to learn html first.... Smile

html for dummies - wulinka - Feb 24, 2007

I officially apologize, as I went back over the start of this conversation and realized, I should have said Ivan actually recommended w3schools!!! so all the credit goes to him, and it's still a good site.
I lost track for a moment......

html for dummies - muzza - Feb 25, 2007

OSWD rocks...

html for dummies - muzza - Feb 25, 2007

Also..this is pretty much what I do for a living...so if you need any help drop me a line! Smile

html for dummies - wulinka - Feb 25, 2007

Thanks for the offer muzza! I am not too sure where I am going with this right now, if I get stuck, I'll call for help Smile