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A favour to ask - alastair_hm - Apr 28, 2007

Hi guys I've got a favour to ask. Could you go to this page and check that the links on the left hand frame work okay for you.

Espically if you are using IE6 or 7



A favour to ask - Banded Drake - Apr 28, 2007

They seem to work fine for me , i am using IE 7 .

..... Shawn

A favour to ask - matthew - Apr 28, 2007

I'm using Safari, and they work fine.

A favour to ask - Toad - Apr 28, 2007

IE6 checks out fine.

A favour to ask - EnglishBob - Apr 28, 2007

Worked fine for me in Firefox 2.# and IE 7.0

A favour to ask - Keith Alan - Apr 28, 2007

They work in Opera 9.
Maybe you have frames disabled?

A favour to ask - alastair_hm - Apr 30, 2007

Thanks everyone, they work fine for me as well, just don't work for someone else in the camera club.

I don't think there was an option for stopping frames in IE?