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PCWorld Top 10 PDAs - shuttertalk - Jun 22, 2004

This is slightly off topic, but PCWorld has posted the top 10 PDAs (in their opinion). I'm a HP 4150 owner myself, so wooohoo! Funny how the Palm OS devices are well and truly at the bottom of the list...

Link: http://pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,116027,00.asp

PCWorld Top 10 PDAs - Mr_Gadget - Jun 23, 2004

O2 XDA II Man!

PCWorld Top 10 PDAs - shuttertalk - Jun 23, 2004

Sorry man... not in the Top 10! Smile

PCWorld Top 10 PDAs - Mr_Gadget - Jun 23, 2004

What?! Sorry no offence to HP, but O2 XDA II's rock mate! That list is rigged! Smile

PCWorld Top 10 PDAs - ramboy - Jun 23, 2004

I have an O2 XDA II and its all i ever need! I can make calls, take down notes, surf the net, take photos, take video. I cant imagine carrying around a PDA plus a PHONE again!

Technology convergence is the way to go. If you PDA is not a phone, its not a business tool, its just a toy!

Im looking to get the XDA pouch that is also a wallet!!!

PCWorld Top 10 PDAs - adam - Jul 1, 2004

I'd like to get the 4150, was going to get it while I was overseas, but it was so popular that it was out of stock everywhere: usb, bluetooth, wifi, infrared, so small and nice Smile haha
My dad wants to get it now, but the one with the keyboard.

PCWorld Top 10 PDAs - shuttertalk - Jul 3, 2004

Yeah, the 4350 rocks too - the one with the attached keyboard. It's got a larger capacity battery than the 4150. Smile