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New Canon Behemoth - slejhamer - Sep 21, 2004



Sample pics:

Anyone want to loan me US$8,000? I'll promise to post some pics.

New Canon Behemoth - adam - Sep 21, 2004

mmm! yum! I WANT! (but I don't need)

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 21, 2004

I like window shopping it but I can't see it as something I'd invest in. However having said that I was planning on moving to medium format digital at the end of next year, if the price drops down it might almost be worthwhile going to something familiar like this. Its still a bucketload of money though.

New Canon Behemoth - shuttertalk - Sep 21, 2004

mm..... full frame..... Rolleyes

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 21, 2004

I like and dislike full frame, its great for wide angle but then when you go to use a longer zoom it costs a fortune to go as far, maybe a nice healthy combination. Or maybe a manufacturer will come up with a full frame and then cropped frame for zoom rather than the dodgy digital zoom they are using now.

New Canon Behemoth - Toad - Sep 21, 2004

Like Nikon does on their new DSLR?

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 21, 2004

Which one Toad? I didn't see that. I read about the D2X first and then the 1DS MkII second and I can't say that I was really inspired by the 1DS MkII overly.

New Canon Behemoth - peter - Sep 21, 2004

Cropped frame would mean lower resolution anyway ... so no point ..
Get a hasselblad with a Kodak digital Back =P~~~~~~

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 21, 2004

Nah I've already got a Mamiya body and lenses, no idea what back as yet, only time will tell.. if it ever happens.

Nothing wrong with a cropped frame, I guess the same thing could be achieved manually though.

New Canon Behemoth - Toad - Sep 21, 2004


I may have misread it, but this is what I was thinking of as far as the cropped image in place of the dreaded digital zoom - I think that I have it right...


..but yes, Peter - you do lose resolution - still lots on the D2X (6.8 MPx after crop).


High Speed Cropped Image function for high speed 8fps shooting at 6.8 megapixels: A continuous shooting rate of 8 frames per second is possible when the new High Speed Cropped Image mode is used. This records the center portion of the image sensor at 6.8 megapixel resolution. This function gives the photographer the advantage of boosting the continuous framing rate while narrowing the angle of view to 2X, thus providing even more versatility – especially when using a zoom-telephoto or telephoto Nikkor lenses.


New Canon Behemoth - matthew saville - Sep 21, 2004

Well the 1.5x crop factor D2X has more megapixels than the full frame 1Ds, that was the point. The loss of resolution comes from Their weird idea of allowing people to shoot at a 2x crop instead so as to get more FPS. And that's still 6 megapixels, with which you can still print a good 12x18. Good enough for me! Oly uses the 2x crop and they have awesome 20x26's on the wall at Pro Photo...

Personally, I'm in the group of people waiting for the marriage of the two: Film bodies with interchangeable digital backs. I don't have the money for Leica R, but it's coming, ladies and gentlemen, and someday it will be cheap enough for you and me. Cheers!

New Canon Behemoth - matthew saville - Sep 21, 2004

okay yeah you understand it. I think it's an option I might use, even though it sounds really unprofessional...

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 21, 2004

Ok I really like that feature, if I read it the same way Toad that is exactly what it is!

Geez Matty Leicas aren't cheap even non digital, I've seen the new digital backs for them and they make them fairly hefty for a rangefinder, bloody nice though eh?

New Canon Behemoth - slejhamer - Sep 22, 2004

matthew saville Wrote:Well the 1.5x crop factor D2X has more megapixels than the full frame 1Ds,

Nice to see Nikon finally surpass Canon's three-year old technology ... or did they? I would think that for small studio use, the native 1.5x crop factor would be problematic in many instances.

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 22, 2004

Ooh fight! fight! *evil grin*

New Canon Behemoth - slejhamer - Sep 22, 2004

Oh, wait, I forgot the :wink: thingy.


Really, it's good to see Nikon catch up with their excellent recent releases. As the market becomes more intensely competitive then prices will surely continue to come down. And I've only heard raves about their new VR lens.


New Canon Behemoth - Toad - Sep 22, 2004

Ahh - not Canon vs Nikon again. That sort of cheerleading is why I don't post at dpreview any more. Both manufactureers make excellent cameras - you would be happy with either. Sorry to have brought it up.

I was just commenting that the feature Jamie thought would be a good idea appears to actually exist already on the D2X.

My film SLR gear is Nikon so sticking with Nikon bodies for DSLRs makes sense for me - likewise sticking with Canon for anyone with an investment in Canon lenses, flash, etc.

The key benefit of having a CCD smaller than traditional 35mm film size is that your telephoto lenses can be much shorter as far as I can see - and reduced gear bulk is a good thing.

The benefits of having a full frame CCD are (a) reduced noise, (b) greater ability to crop and enlarge, and © having consistent FOV with your film gear - i.e. your 24-85 mm zoom is not now a 36-135 forcing you to rebuy a wide angle solution. If you don't shoot film - the last point is moot.

Personally I like flexibility, and If I have the option of doubling my effective FOV (and frame rate) without dropping down to an unacceptable resolution - that is a great option - don't have to use it if I don't want to - but it is still a great option.

One day I would like a digital back for a film camera - the best of both worlds - and that camera would need to be full frame by definition.

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 22, 2004

Hey I'd rather own a Nikon because Nikonian sounds way cooler than Canonian, it almost sounds like some pasta dish.

New Canon Behemoth - Toad - Sep 22, 2004

...but Olympian sounds even better....

New Canon Behemoth - StudioJ - Sep 22, 2004

Hey I used to be an Olympian, have you noticed how little attention the Paralympics gets after the Olympics?

Congrats to the speedy Canadians in their wheelchairs on the 800m Gold pipping us by 2/10th of a second.

New Canon Behemoth - Toad - Sep 22, 2004

Those wheelchair Olympians have all the luck...

New Canon Behemoth - dewy - Sep 23, 2004

I'll buy one for the person that donates $100 000 to me first.

New Canon Behemoth - Lak - Sep 23, 2004

Holey moley :o Adam, Peter... we gonna start a team 1Ds?? Tongue