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New Forum Idea - Rabid Penguin - Feb 28, 2008

I've been thinking for a while, that it might be a good idea to have a place in the forum where we can share other people's pictures that we find which inspire us. With full credit given, of course.


New Forum Idea - Irma - Feb 28, 2008

Personally, when a picture inspires me I think about the technique, he/she did in the picture, as well as the post processing if it has any. I think Photography Technique Talk and Post Processing / Image Manipulation Talk are forums were this could be done.

I don't know about the credits and copy rights... Some photographers are very special when other people exhibit their pictures in other places, even when the pictures are credited to the author.

New Forum Idea - NT73 - Feb 28, 2008

R.P. Good idea, but suppose someone here got inspiration from automaton2's pics. Then what?
I am not being sarcastic, but everyones inspiration is like their photo's. It will be totally different from the next mans. Everyone could put shots like that in their own gallery, and change them to suit their changing styles. Smile

New Forum Idea - matthew - Feb 28, 2008

I think it's an interesting idea, but the problem of re-posting someone else's work (even with credit) can be significant. Linking to the original page where the image is found is an option: while it loses the immediacy and flash galleries make it hard to see a specific image, it does avoid the copyright problem.

Jules is going to have his hands full for a while, so why don't we try it out with the forums we already have? General Talk, Post-Processing, and Photographic Technique all come to mind as suitable places for discussions on other photographers' work, ideas, and our inspirations. If it's a success we can ask Jules for a new forum once he's recovered from baby-brain. Wink

New Forum Idea - shuttertalk - Feb 28, 2008

Hey interesting idea... creating a new forum is not going to be a problem, it will take me a minute to do. I'm happy to do it if everyone thinks it's a good idea... Matthew raised some interesting concerns though...

I was actually thinking of something along the same lines, e.g. like a digg clone, but for photography stuff. It'll just be for links to content from other sites and people can submit links and can vote up/down content to show approval..


New Forum Idea - smarti77 - Feb 29, 2008

I love to see what inspires others - I think it is a great idea to share. I think links are more respectful to the artist rather that showing their images (unless you have asked them).

I'm very curious to see how a 'digg clone' would work....