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Cintiq - championboxer - Apr 12, 2008

Hi guys,

was wondering if anyone of you have this at home?
Looks really good...

its up on the wish list now.. Smile


Cintiq - Toad - Apr 12, 2008

Quite a few of the artists at work have this and they seem to like it a lot.

Cintiq - Wedding Shooter - Apr 15, 2008

I love it.

Cintiq - Kombisaurus - May 5, 2008

*drooooool* Wink

Cintiq - Zig - May 5, 2008

For most pp work, why is this any more droolable than other graphics tablets..or is it really just something that freehand artists would get most use from? Am honestly poorly educated re these things.

Cintiq - Kombisaurus - May 6, 2008

I'd imagine for general "pointing and clicking" around photoshop it probably wouldn't be that much better. If your PP work involved moving sliders and adding layers without masks or doing lightroom-type stuff then it's probably a waste of money.

But for anything resembling freehand stuff, particularly painting on masks (which I do quite a lot of) it would be a godsend. I find the "disconnection" between a regular tablet and seperate screen quite distracting. And of course any illustration work would be amazingly intuitive.

I REALLY want to move towards doing more illustrative things with my photos, but I never seem to get the inspiration when I've got them open in PS... only ever when I'm away from the PC. It's frustrating.

...not that buying a tablet like this would give me inspiration... but it's still a very nice peripheral.

Cintiq - Zig - May 6, 2008

Ahyes; I understand; thanks man.