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And this from Canon! RAW A RAW file is the image data exactly as captured on the sensor. Any settings you apply in white balance, Picture Styles and some other areas are only appended to the image...
I will continue to use the designation RAW, as against raw, as it is becoming universal to use that form throughout the digital photography world. It also looks better in print and stands out easier w...
I always shoot in RAW then store post processed image as an unsharpened 16 bits/channel TIFF. I then sharpen the image and store as a JPEG. If I require an image for the net or for printing I resize i...
It is because of these issues that I have stopped posting images to the site. A photography site with poor image display is just a waste of time. If it wasn't for the chat I wouldn't bother.
Welcome Robert. Nice to have new talent joining us. Looking forward to seeing your work.
Welcome. Things have been a bit quiet here of late. Must be because of the time of the year. Look forward to seeing your work.
That is them announcing that the opening of the new Forth Bridge (Queensferry Crossing) is to be delayed further. It is only 3 months since they delayed it 5 months! They must be using the same contra...
My two pence worth. Done using Lightroom.
Nice, but I would have trimmed the foreground between the first and second stripe.
Not working at all, Mike. I am laid up after another bout of surgery. Only excitement I get just now is Fallout 3, on the Xbox 260.
Much better but, as Philip says, I am sure you took other interesting shots at the time.
Britain In Focus: A Photographic History, starts tomorrow (6th March 2017) on BBC 4 21:00.
Beautiful photograph with a superb, moody, background.
I have just used Dim and DupeGuru to sort out my images and they are excellent. I had all my images sorted as I liked them, then mistakenly used AVG to root out duplicate files in my system. Unfortuna...
Yes, superb images. And beautifully stitched together.
Craig: That DIM 5 is excellent. Thanks for the tip.