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A great set of action shots, Craig. Philip
Hello Wes. A pleasant scene. A couple of points - (i) seems under-exposed for such a lovely day (most of the histogram is below mid-brightness), and (ii) the positioning of the man and palm tree. ...
Eddy Canon Wrote: (Dec 21, 2019, 05:22) -- Asking for your thoughts, drone photography is it an extension to our art or just a pain in the back side? -- . Both. They can undoubtedly open up a wh...
Thank you, Barbara, and all the best to you and yours. Philip
Great Brickhill Church, near Milton Keynes: [ Pentax K-70 with film era 30mm manual prime lens; camera JPEGs adjusted in PaintShop Pro.] Philip
Another Hertfordshire Church -  A Victorian construction near Hertford; images captured hand-held with a Pentax K-70 and 20-40 mm zoom lens: [ ISO 200; f/8; 1/500s; three shots (top+middle+bot...
Yes, Mike, I got my first CX500 in 1979. For me, its real innovation (and probably the reason for its reliability and longevity) was its relative simplicity - a shaft drive two-cylinder push-rod trans...
That looks in great condition, Mike - many more happy years of riding still to come! (I had my Honda CX500 for 25 years.) Philip
Mike and Craig - thank you. I thought it was SP. :) Philip
Anyone answer what does "PJ Shot" mean? Philip
EnglishBob Wrote: (Apr 9, 2019, 18:58) -- Great PJ Shot..... -- I agree - it is a great shot - but what does this mean? Philip
Crocuses in the Grass: This is a crop from an image taken in February this year; the flowers were back-lit by the evening sun. [ Pentax K-70; 18-135mm zoom lens at 135mm; ISO 400; f/11; 1/60s;...
Winter Trees in Sunset: These are on the edge of a park in St Albans, Hertfordshire: [ Pentax K-70; 35mm prime lens; ISO 200; f/8; 1/250s; camera JPEG with adjustments in PaintShop Pro.] An...
What a great subject, Glen! And wonderful shots!.Some of the icebergs look enormous. I also like the photo of your machine - I used to be a biker, riding a Honda CX500 for about 25 years - ultra re...
A Hertfordshire Village Church 2: This is the Church interior viewing east, a single hand-held shot also using the 35mm prime lens: [ ISO 1600, f/4; 1/80s; -1EV (compensation for the bright ...
If there is an image but it isn't showing, there is usually some indication of a link to it in the post. I hope I'm wrong but it seems that it has been deleted. The edit of post #1 doesn't give one ...