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Beautiful pictures NT. I think the light was great to have all those reds and blacks with so much detail. I was just thinking that it would be good to know what time this event is. Imagine people in ...
I love it! Beautiful landscape, Toad. I like the format a lot... I find it very comfortable to look at. I imagine printed very large in a big room giving the idea that you can just step in and you'll ...
Very beautiful images NT. The light is beautiful as well. You did well correcting the WB, all colors of the flowers look very natural... ;)
The idea is great and so is your picture, Adrian... :) Beautiful model btw.
Thanks Zig for your advice with the bud. You gave me a great idea!!... I could make that bud or something else in other pictures to blend into the background more with the blur Tool... I think the i...
I see the problem with the weather. Thanks nia for the information... :)
Toad, great help with your comment. #2 I know exactly what you mean and I think that was my idea but it was bit blocked... Yes, that is why it took me some time to understand this picture. I like it...
What settings did you have in your camera for these pictures? I can imagine that it is like when you have a foggy landscape and you want to have a clear view? Because with light fog you can work a ...
I like your series about night photography nia... I can see so much life at night. I love the curves in #1 so pleasant composition and splendid colors. #5 it is a beautiful building. Thanks for s...
Thanks nia for your comment. I worked my colors and contrast in the first one to make the flower really glow... ;) No problem Toad, I wait until you have time... Thanks :)
Sorry you were not happy with this camera, but the best is that you could give it back! I think this is a good way to buy a camera. Trying it for one day and then decide if you like it or not. I read...
Thanks Don, NT for your comment... :)
These are my last pictures of the series of poppies... They are not a series, but I like them because I think they show my work with light. I chose for this one a busy background that I think complem...
Sorry Zig to respond to your comment so late. I didn't see it before. Thanks for your comment, and I know what you mean with #3. I want to try again this effect in other flowers maybe with sunflowers...
I love the video... I couldn't stop smiling back at the monitor.... :D I really like a lot the scene at 0.40 where the horizon is the background and rotates... That looks fantastic! Your pictures ...
Toad Wrote: -- Can't we just limit ability to pest (oopps - I mean "post") to the 10 people who post here for real? Just kidding - sorry - I know this is a serious discussion... -- I have thought ab...
Thanks so much Adrian for your comment... ;) I am happy you enjoyed them.
Your are welcome nia... and thanks for appreciating ... :)
Great series nia... Must have been a great experience.. :) Your first picture is fantastic. I really like it very much, meaningful and very well composed!
Zig, thanks for your comment about including both hands. I took pictures today of a beekeeper in the fields, and I remembered your comment, in these pictures I have included two hands and they look mu...